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What to bring for the Cuban people?

Cuban kids playing in Centro Havana Do give but not money to Cubans on the streets. Giving money only encourages begging. The exception to the 'no money' rule would be for friends or if it's legitimate business such as tipping a cab driver or a restaurant or bar server.

So bring small gifts with you before you fly to Cuba as they basically have nothing by way of material possessions; anything that you can leave behind they will appreciate.

To give you an idea and some links where to buy cheap giveaways online to take with you:

In other words ... clean up your garage and take it to Cuba!
All we find normal in our lives Cubans appreciate very much!

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Cuba's pharmacies are woefully void of pharmaceuticals, both prescription and over the counter. There are dollar only "Tourist Pharmacies", but your best bet is to bring with you whatever you may even remotely THINK you may need. Even a small wound can quickly "fester" in a hot, tropical climate and get out of control very quickly. Get it cleaned and sanitized at once! Here's what I bring:

bring regular and acetominophen-based (Tylenol) pain relievers with you. They're invaluable in case you get a fever there also.
Topical Anti-bacterial Cleanser
Betadyne is the hospital's preferred choice.
Topical Anti-bacterial Cream
Bacitracin or the equivalent is best.
Benadryl works well for me.

Anti-Itch medicine
Aluminum sulfite or Calamine Lotion. Those bugs, when they're out, are big, bad and they bite!
Imodium Tablets
Speaking of shit, these will help alot if you get the "runs".
Suntan Lotion
I'm an easy tanning person with a good base tan.....and I still burned. Bring a high protection lotion with you.
Batteries & Camera Film
This includes diskettes if you have a digital camera. They're hard to find, expensive when you do and many times there'e out of date.

Water Purification Tablets
Bottled water is plentiful and I hear the tap water is nowhere as contaminated as it is in Mexico and other Central and South American countries. However, they're a good precaution just in case you get caught in a remote area with a dubious water source.
I put this under the 'medicines' heading because, without them, you could potentially need lots of medicine. Inevitably, some of you will experience a sexual encounter in Cuba. They have the lowest AIDS rate in the Caribbean but needless to say, its there. And STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) have been around from the beginning of time. Plan accordingly.
Cold & Flu medicine
There are many available so bring whatever has worked for you in the past. Just 'cause its hot doesn't mean you can't get a cold. Throat lozenges are a good plus also.
The sun is deceivingly strong in Cuba. Make sure your glasses are 100% UV protective and better yet, make sure they're polarized. Bring a back-up just in case, too.

Tooth pain always sucks and this will help (so will lots of rum!).

Once you get it clean, keep it covered.

For those nasty critters: Intestinal Worms. Hey, shit happens!
First Aid Kit
It certainly wouldn't hurt to bring a small kit with you.









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